All of the Heritage Village events from 6th to 18th April 2019 are:

  1. The Solo Musicians
  2. Arabic Traditional Band Show
  3. Year of Tolerance Folklore Band Show
  4. The Laser Show
  5. The Old Characters Show
  6. The African Band Show
  7. The Indian Band Show
  8. Levitation Human Statue
  9. Yamani Traditional Band
  10. Andima Band Show
  11. Nahamin Band Show
  12. UAE Sea Life
  13. Al Badiya Life Style
  14. Shabiyat Al Cartoon Characters
  15. Kids Art & Craft Zone
  16. Fun Fair Area
  17. Camel Ride Zone
  18. The Photo Booth
  19. Hag Al Leila Event (Traditional Gifts Distributions)
  20. Children’s Most Beautiful UAE Traditional Costume Competition

Dubai Camel Racing Club (DCRC)
P.O. Box 126767
Dubai – Al Ain Highway
Dubai Camel Racing City
Al Marmoom, Dubai
United Arab Emirates