About Dubai Camel Racing Club

Dubai Camel Racing Club (DCRC) is a community sports club that focuses on Camel Racing sports, whereby its mandate is to prepare, organize and develop camel racing in all its aspects. DCRC strategy is very much driven by the overarching strategy and vision of His Highness Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashed Al Maktoum, UAE Vice President Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, that emphasizes on the importance of highlighting and preserving the main aspects of UAE culture and traditions for the coming generations, and the Local, Regional and international visitors. Camel Racing is a main component of the UAE heritage and culture, and the DCRC has set a clear and ambitious strategy to constantly raise awareness within the UAE community and abroad, about the core values and traditions driven from camel racing, whilst always seeking to develop and enrich its components with the aim of taking it from  its local and regional ambience to the international sporting map

Festival’s Objectives

The festival aims to urge the citizens of the state and citizens of the Persian Gulf stick to traditions and culture, which represents the camel is an important component of the Ha and the quest to revive the cultural memory in the hearts of this people and direct it to stick to camels, breeding and qualify to participate in this important event through:

Marketing Objectives

Facts & Figures for Al Marmoum Heritage Camel Festival 2016

The 36th Edition of Al Marmoum Camel Heritage Festival was a great success as it positioned the event as a family attraction and witnessed increased visitor numbers from all nationalities and ages. The various competitions and races of this edition received more than 13 thousand participation from Camel owners from across the UAE and GCC.

A survey was conducted with more 9000 visitors projected that the festival achieved a great 94% satisfaction rate among its visitors and participants, while the various events and activities registered 88% satisfaction rate among all, and the festival’s call center received more than 45,000 calls by the end of Festival.

The organizers of the festival successfully managed to make this event a main attraction on the Dubai Cultural events calendar, evident from the fact that it has been running now for more than 3 decades, and it witnessed record visitors in its last edition, mainly due to the fact that Camel Racing has become a very popular sport among millions of camel racing fans, and they wait for the annual racing calendar impatiently.

The 36th Festival also witnessed the attendance of more than 200 media representatives, as it was covered extensively in all media channels, especially that it had a dedicated traditional village spread across more than 5000 sqm, specially designed to receive families from all nationalities with shopping and entertainment experiences, in addition to live stage shows to enhance the festive ambience for all visitors.

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